Buffalo Bills fans are already amped up; probably because the off-season is finally over and the first preseason game will take place on Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts.

It's also because the team is the favorite to win the Super Bowl in Arizona this February and it's because of how good the roster is.

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Now, Bills fans are even more jacked up because of what both Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. are saying on social media.

In case you missed the news this morning, star NFL wide receiver OBJ commented on an Instagram post of Von Miller's that asked him how the locker room was next to him in Buffalo?

That sparked a lot of discussion from Bills Mafia on whether or not OBJ would come here, but then that was heighted even more based off what Von Miller posted to his Instagram story on Monday afternoon.

In the Instagram story, Miller photoshopped Odell Beckham Jr. in a Bills helmet and jersey, with a caption that said "let's chase this ring...AGAIN."

OBJ is still recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery from this past February, so he won't be game-ready until later this season, but it's clear Miller is making a huge pitch to lure OBJ to Buffalo; and that OBJ shares that desire to come to Orchard Park.

The Bills only have $5 million in cap space, which will be challenging to signing someone like Beckham Jr. If the Bills decide to bring OBJ aboard, it would likely happen if there are injuries and players are placed on IR.

Still, Bills fans want the former Giants, Browns and Rams wide receiver to join Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs on offense.

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