Last year was hard on everyone and every business especially the food, drink, and service industry. And now as we seem to be getting back to normal with all of the restrictions being lifted and with more establishments being able to operate with a larger capacity, it looks like the industry is moving forward especially with all the NEW eating and drinking places slated to open all over Western New York soon.

And as excited it is to see and look forward to trying new places it was, and still is, a sad thing to think about all of the other places we lost in 2020. STEP OUT BUFFALO compiled a list of all the establishments that we lost last year. And as the band, Cinderella wrote: "Don't Know Whatcha Got Until It's Gone" the list should remind us all, if you are thinking about going to a specific place at any time, GO because it may be here today, but gone tomorrow.

Now there is a brand new challenge looming over area businesses. It now seems like the latest obstacle is not be able to staff positions. Especially in the restaurants and bars. So, when they first had to adjust to the changes,  New York State literally shutting down, some of the area's greatest eating and drinking establishments went away for the financial strain of not being able to survive with the lack of a customer base. NOW it seems some may have the same fate due to a lack of people willing to work for them.



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