It's one of those things that has caught fire on the internet, for no rhyme or reason.  The name of a slice of bread is causing debate all across the United States of America.  Who would have thought that something as simple as sliced bread would have people in an uproar?

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The slice of bread in question is the one that adorns both ends of the loaf.

Take a look below....

Credit: Nik Rivers
Credit: Nik Rivers

Folks in all corners of this great land of ours have different names for it.

In Reno Nevada, it's "The Heel"

In South Florida, the term of choice is "Garbage"

Just down The 90 in Rochester, "The Butt" is the term of endearment for it.

I held an informal poll around the station today, and some popular answers were; "The Ass", "Save It For The Ducks", "Where I Hide The Dogs Pills", "A Hot Dog Bun Substitute", and "The Stump".

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any real consensus here in Western New York.  I grew up in New England, and we always referred to it as the heel around my house.  And yes, it was often saved to feed to the ducks, which I found out much later in life can cause health problems for them and negatively impact their environment.  Sorry about that Daffy =(.

So until we can all come to an agreement as to what to call this mystery slice of bread, I would like to pose another question to you.  Once you open the loaf, do you save said mystery piece as you work your way through the bread as if it has some sort of magical stay fresh shield property for the other slices to it?  Or do you just feed it to the ducks?

PS: Don't feed it to the ducks... That's bad, Mmm Kay?

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