This is the spookiest time of the year when strangers converge and descend into neighborhoods from the cities to the suburbs and all points in between. No house, apartment, or culdesac is safe from those wanting to bother you.

No, I am not talking about your friends and family wanting to come over to watch the Bills. I am talking about those who are looking to devourer your sweet treats, which you may or may not have in stock or in great supply.

"TRICK OR TREAT"! will soon be heard all throughout the land so you need to ask yourself one of two things: "How much candy will I get"? OR "Where the HELL am I going to go to get out of my abode"?

There may be thousands of kids and costumes but to me, there are only three types of people that they visit. Which one are you?

So no matter what type you are, remember like Christmas and Easter it is all about the kids… and getting drunk.

OH!!! And by the way, there is NOTHING, zilch, nada FUN about FUN SIZE candy. To put it in perspective take your paycheck and only try to spend ½ of it and see how FUN that is.


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