The ideal elevator passenger stands still with his eyes forward as he waits for his floor. However, during the countless elevator rides we take during our lives, we’ve all come across a fellow traveler whose behavior is less than ideal.

So what are the most annoying things people do on an elevator?

According to survey from and Harris Interactive of 4,892 adults, 35 percent called out using a cell phone in an elevator as annoying. Other annoying elevator habits included not holding the door open when somebody is rushing toward the elevator (33 percent), squeezing in a crowded elevator (32 percent), standing too close when there is plenty of room (32 percent) and not stepping off to let people out (27 percent.)

Holding the door for an extended period time (26 percent), cutting in line for the elevator (23 percent), taking an elevator for a floor or two instead of the stairs (20 percent) and pushing the wrong button (17 percent) were also called out by a significant chunk of the respondents as annoying.

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