Buffalo is famous, or infamous, for many things. Whether it's the Bills or wings, Buffalo is a great place to be almost all year round.

One of the things that we deal with in BUffalo is snow, and sometimes a lot of snow.

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I know it's summer now and no one wants to think about the 'S' word, but it's something that comes along with the territory of living in Western New York. Just look at this spring, we had a few late spring snow storms that had the snowblowers and shovels back out.

Given that it may snow just about anytime, when is a good time to take the snow brushes out of your car? I asked those on my Facebook timeline this exact same question and their answers weren't actually that surprising.

When do you take your snowbrush out?

The general consensus from all of the people I spoke with was to never take the snow brush out of your car. You are supposed to keep it in your trunk all year long because you never know. Some people admitted to keeping all of their winter tools in their vehicle all year long, which includes shovels, blankets, and other supplies.

Considering it can snow well into May in Western New York, this isn't too surprising. Summer in Buffalo can seem pretty short, so it's best to stay prepared at all times.

When Does It Typically Stop Snowing In Buffalo

According to the National Weather Service, most of the snow in Western New York stops in April. From time to time there is snowfall in May, but that is usually the end of it. According to records that go back to the year 1940, there has never been any recorded snowfall in June.

It looks like we're safe for the next few months.

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