Want to win $10,000 Cash??? It’s the BUF-er Stimulus package, paying out $200 dollars an hour for BUF-ers just like you. Stimulus cash starts going out Thursday April 8th. Listen for your name every weekday, starting at 9am with Free Beer and Hot Wings. When you hear your name, call back within 20 minutes at 852-9292. You show up for work, and you’re on the clock for $200 an hour. The next hour, we do it all again. If our new BUF-er is late for work, you stay on the clock for overtime, with another $200 an hour. Everyone that wins cash is also qualified for the $10,000 Grand Prize!

To enter, you'll need to download the WBUF APP.

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Once on the APP, click the WIN CASH icon on the home page, fill out the form and you're set! Then listen starting on Thursday April 8th, listen for your name between 9am and 4pm. If you hear your name call the studio at 852-9292 to score your cash and qualify for the grand prize of $10,000! Make sure you are listening, because if you don't call in - you're out of luck!

Official Contest Rules Here

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