Depending on how you look at things, some seasons are just better than others. Summer is amazing because we can spend every waking moment outside.  Fall is great because it marks the return of the Buffalo Bills.  And Winter...well winter sometimes can get to be a drag, especially after that pesky groundhog tells us that we have six more weeks of it left.

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So, as we count down the days until the start of spring, the good news is, there are some great beers that are produced right here in Western New York, that are perfect for the cold snowy nights that certainly are still ahead for the remainder of the winter.  And why limit drinking them to nighttime, they're also good for drinking too, we won't judge.

With so many winter seasonal options to choose from, we decided to narrow things down just a bit for you.  Here is a hand-picked 6-pack of local Buffalo brewed beers that will be sure to wet your whistle.

Now, I am far from what many would consider a “Beer Expert”, so don’t go being all judgy on my list.  These are beers, that I personally dig the flavors of, and think that you will enjoy as you try to escape the manic screams of Mariah.  From stouts to ales, this list is sure to have something that will tickle your fancy.

So get ready to hunker down with 6 of the best winter brews Buffalo has to offer.

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