Are you sick of hearing all the fireworks around Western New York? Or do you think that they are starting to die off? Welp, they're coming back at least for one night and Hamburg, at least you guys will be able to hear them.

Your calendars have a bunch of plans throughout the Summer with now, a bunch of lines through all of them, so odds are, you are probably free most weekends.

Coming up on August 15, the Erie County Fairgrounds will be hosting a firework show and you and your family are invited to go! The firework show will be done to generate support for Feed More Western New York. The event is called Blast Out Hunger and it doesn't cost anything, but a food donation.

Police departments in Western New York received an all time high complaints due to the amount of illegal fire works show off, especially during the pandemic from March through July. There were over 2,000 complaints to the Buffalo Police Department before the 4th of July. They are annoying, we all know that. They seem to be shot off as soon as we're going to sleep or when you put your kids down for bed, and they scare the heck out of you. It's not just here in Western New York, but all over the country there have been many complaints about fireworks all over the country. Not only are they annoying and there is a noise, but could also be dangerous as well (it's not like everyone knows what they are doing).

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