Zubin Nisha may want to think about finding a way to travel other than train.

The woman in India recently gave birth to twins on a train – the second time she’s delivered twins on a moving train.

Zubin and her husband, Habibullah, were en route from Mumbai to Gonda when the kids decided they'd had enough of camping out in their mom's belly and made a jail break for birth.

We don't know if they were looking for a good way to pass the time or were just terrified for the woman, but whatever the reason other passengers onboard jumped in to help with the delivery.

Habibullah says his wife also gave birth to another set of twins, a four-year-old boy and girl.

He said, "Well, indeed this is some sort of a record, but what can I say. I can call this a rare blessing of God almighty that my kids come into this world in such a manner."

Wow, way to roll with the punches, buddy! If you can so calmly deal with this kind of zaniness, then raising two sets of twins should be a breeze.


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