This is Buffalo! We have such a small window of joy, in terms of weather. Don’t let people pressure you into waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up your outdoor Christmas decorations. Do it while it’s 46 degrees rather than when it’s 1 degree.

There are ONLY benefits to spreading holiday cheer. What difference does it make if that holiday cheer arrives six weeks early? If you wait until the end of November or the beginning of December to string Christmas lights around your bushes, frigid Lake Erie winds are going to blast your fingers and make it impossible to use your hands. Wouldn’t you like to have the use of your hands when you put up your lighted ‘Josh Allen Stop Here’ decoration? It only makes sense.


Check out that 5-day Western New York forecast, people. We’ve got 50’s in there! Who knows what awaits Buffalo, NY in another ten days. We might be covered in snow. The temps might drop like a pass thrown to a Pittsburgh Steeler receiver (that’s a sports reference). Carpe the diem and decorate now!

You might hear neighbors complain about the 6-foot Snoopy Santa on the front lawn of your Depew home, but those complainers are just bored. They don’t really care. If they’re not complaining about your laser light show set to the music of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, they’ll be online complaining about something else, so go ahead and put Rudolph on your roof. Raise the Rudolph! You’re an adult and you can determine when it’s okay to put up Christmas decorations.

It’s not only a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of safety. I’d much rather have you climbing a ladder BEFORE your roof and gutters are overflowing with ice. If I’m being completely honest, you should put up your Christmas decorations in June. Or, just leave them up all year.

Oh, and support local retailers!

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