United Airlines is not have a good couple of weeks here.

Starting in a couple weeks, United will issue brightly colored bag tags to people that are traveling with pets. This is all after one pet died when the flight attendant told a passenger to put a bag with a dog inside in the over-head compartment.

Apparently, the attendant did not know that there was a dog in there and did not hear the child holding the animal properly, but their 10-month old French Bulldog passed away during the flight from Houston to New York. Passengers said that the dog barked for two hours before going silent.

To make matters even worse for United, another incident happened. 

A woman was getting her dog that flew to Kansas City, but when the lady went to go pick up her 10-year-old German shepherd, Irgo he wasn't there.

They handed her a Great Dane instead.

The dogs got switched by accident and the German Sheppard was actually in JAPAN! United fixed the problem, but not after trying to make one woman happy and social media from exploding.

More than a half million animals flew in 2017, nearly 140,000 of them on United. Overall, 24 died — 18 of those also on United flights", according to WGRZ.


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