Welcome to Buffalo: land of wings, where people say "pop" instead of soda, where the "Mafia" means something else entirely, and where people… *checks notes*... hurl themselves from a great height onto unsuspecting folding tables for fun.

It's what we do.

Buffalo Bills Fans, AKA the Bills Mafia are a ride-or-die true blue bunch, and while the Bills are on a roll this season and nobody is sleeping on them, these videos of folding table jumps are sure to get even the snooziest of football fans feeling caffeinated and ready to go.

After the Bills' lightning-delayed beat down of the Kansas City Chiefs, we figure you could use something to get you going. Plus, the BIlls have a lot of these prime-time games this year so do yourself a favor and bookmark this post. Use it as your Monday morning motivation!

Please do NOT try this at home:

1. This ESPN host jumping through his very first folding table  

2. This Tarzan trying his best

3. This woman with the form of an absolute rock star

4. What appears to be a double date that probably didn't feel great 

5. This guy getting plenty of air off the front of a school bus 

6. Ouch! This fail off the back of a school bus

7. Multiple tables are taken down in this one

8. This classic video of a guy jumping into a flaming table. Gotta stay warm out there, right?

9. his slow-mo leap in the snow by a Buffalo

10. Finally, this excited father-to-be jumping through a table to reveal the gender of his actual human child

BONUS CLIP! While it may not be a table jump, this blast from the past is an absolute show-stopper. GET HYPE! 

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