You can feel the anticipation in the air, especially over Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park. The Buffalo Bills will be playing their last pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers Saturday, August 28th at 1 pm. So you need to ask yourself one question... ARE YOU READY TO TAILGATE!?!

Now, it's easy to come up with the essential foods for any tailgating party worth its salt and pepper. Anything you can grill, carry with ease, balance on your lap or just dip and move on. What I am talking about is adding Buffalo Bills Maffia and team-inspired culinary creations, or in this case more in line with libation creations to not only add team pride but to add the Bills colors of the red, white, and blue to tailgate along with you.

Now, it is no secret that @BrotherBill716 coined the term "Bills By A Billion" and Bills  Mafia is circling the wagons to make sure Brother Bill gets his recognition. Whether he is rewarded through recognition, cases, or cash it is pretty cool to be a part of a local phenom. And what would a Bills season be without the signature
player's cereal?


Below is a list, albeit small, of some other Bills-influenced products to help not only celebrate but decorate your tailgate table. From wing sauces to seltzers and vodka. Oh and by the way, if you go to see Pinto Ron in Hammer's Lot (see feature image) you may want to bring along extra wet naps.



Have fun this season and Go Bills.

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