All Elite Wrestling makes its debut in Buffalo, New York on September 7.

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KeyBank Center will be humming with anticipation Wednesday. There are several obvious reasons. First, it's AEW's debut in Buffalo. Next, Daniel Garcia, a Buffalo native, will fight for the ROH Pure Championship. Third, Butch and the Blade are also making a homecoming. Plus, this show will be live on TBS.

It's also highly anticipated because of what could happen.

AEW: All Out was this past weekend and saw CM Punk defeat Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. It was a hell of a match between 2 of the biggest names in all of wrestling. That wasn't the story though once the event was over.

CM Punk would go on a tirade about others in the company in the post-PPV Media Scrum.

WARNING: This video contains a LOT of swear words. Start it at 12:16 if it doesn't auto start there:

After this, Punk would reportedly get in a fight with EVPs the YOung Bucks and Kenny Omega.

Now, usually, wrestling is all a work. It's all scripted and planned. Even if it seems real it's usually not. That's how you know if something is good or not in the wrestling world. You believe it.

This, however, appears to be different. There have been behind-the-scenes tensions brewing now for weeks. One of the founders of AEW, Cody Rhodes, left the company for WWE: something that seemed impossible to ever happen. Since then, the drama off-screen has escalated.

The point is, Buffalo may be in for a WILD night. Lately, people like Punk have been going way off script (allegedly). People, including him, have been said to threaten to walk out. All of this could explode in Buffalo if they aren't reigned in. It could make for one of the most historic nights in pro wrestling. Albeit not necessarily for good reasons. This could easily become a giant, uncomfortable, confusing mess.

It could also be a giant waste. Thankfully Buffalo has their hometown performers coming in and that will help a lot. It's very possible, though, that the biggest stars like Punk, the Young Bucks, Hangman Adam Paige, and Kenny Omega won't be there at all. I could see Tony Kahn, the owner, deciding to let them all cool off and keep them away for now.

If this is true, it'll be interesting to see who is there.

Nevertheless, the entire wrestling world will have its eyes on Buffalo Wednesday.

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