Cars. Stereos. Now, Japan has shown up America when it comes to beer.

Check out this pretty cool beer dispensing machine at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. It's part of the VIP lounge for All Nippon Airways and, as you can see, it pours the perfect beer.

According to the video description:'s simply an alcoholic version of a fountain drink dispenser with the nice tilt feature to help you get the right amount of head and not spill anything - as obviously most average people wouldn't know how to pour a proper pint."

Flying can be a nightmare, we all know that. This is an ingenious way to make passengers a lot more relaxed while their flight is inevitably delayed.

It doesn't appear that the apparatus has caught on, though. There are only five in the country and you shouldn't expect more to pop up anytime soon, since self-serve alcohol machines aren't legal in most places and would just lead to drinkers winding up living their own personal Hangover. And that means bartenders the world over need not fear for their livelihood.

This innovation is another example of how you gotta leave the States to find clever ways to enjoy beer. C'mon, USA -- it's time to catch up and show the world we're better than everyone else.

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