You've got mail!  We get it everyday, but if today after weeding through male enhancement and money from a Nigerian Prince spam, you come across an email that says you have been invited to edit Google Docs - DON'T OPEN IT!!


According to Reddit, the phishing scam invites you (from someone you know), and takes you to a real Google Sign-in screen.  Once you click 'Continue to Google Docs' everything goes haywire and your computer implodes.  OK it doesn't, but it does grant access to a malicious third-party web app to your address book.

ThamesTv, YouTube

Most of us are smart enough to spot an attack like this but what has made this one different is that it takes you to the actual Google Page, not a phony page.  That makes it impossible to spot at that point.  This hackers are getting better and that's scary because they were already good.


Be careful with anything coming in, and if you don't use Google Docs then you shouldn't be opening an email for Google Docs anyway!  I don't think Grandma needs you to update anything.  You should check on her anyway, she is a sweet lady.

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