Buffalo has some of the most beautiful and unique buildings in the country. People from all over the world come to marvel at the architecture, style, and construction of buildings like City Hall, The Statler, The Lenox Hotel, or any "home" down the stretch or road along Delaware Avenue that was once dubbed "Millionaires Row".

I am all for preserving and restoring any old building house or business that has historic value and that includes Voelker's Bowling Alley on Amherst Street in Buffalo. The building may not be much to look at but it is 124 years old. 124 YEARS! All the history? Imagine how many people have been in that establishment? Everything that has happened? It can be mind-blowing.

I'm all about preserving Voelkers as a landmark but WGRZ reports that the owners, the actual owners, like me after being too tired, have no interest in keeping it standing,

The owners fear that it will collapse,  remember the building at 324 North Oak Street at Genesee Street watch the video here. Yeah, nobody needs tons of brick and mortar falling on their car or even worse themselves. It is sad when an iconic place closes and we, as humans, always want to hang on to the memories, but in some cases what needs to be done must be done, even if it means removing it from your life.



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