It was a sad day yesterday as everyone learned about the passing of Rene Robert at his home in Florida at 72. Robert had a heart attack last week. One of the most memorable moments came for Robert when this happened at The Aud!

He was on the most famous line in hockey: the "French Connection".

In fact, it was the French Connection, that owner Terry Pegula grew to love and watch before purchasing the Buffalo Sabres all those years later in 2011. The French Connection: Renee Robert, Rick Martin, and Hockey Hall of Fame center Gilbert Perreault all joined Terry and Kim Pegula during a ceremony right after the Buffalo Sabres were purchase by the Pegulas. Rick Martin passed away a month later.

During our time with the team, Rene has been one of the most active alumni and we've grown to know him well over the past 10 years," Pegula said. "He was a friend to us and to the entire organization and will be missed dearly", read a statement by the Sabres on social media on Tuesday night.

A highlight of right-winger Rene Robert was the 'fog goal' at The Aud back in 1975. He scored the game-winning goal during game 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The game was ridiculous, though. There was some unusually warm, moist air because the air conditioning system wasn't good in The Aud. It became so foggy during the game, it was like the players were popping in and out of the fog.

It took 18 and a half minutes for Robert to end the game. Take a look at what it looked like, below!

(Also, how awesome is it that hearing that famous voice of Rick Jeanneret, announcing all the way back then!)

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