There's no secret that New York loves their sports teams. There's something about the northeast that really brings out the passion in their teams and that's the case for this state.

New York has many professional and college sports teams. From the NFL to D3 hockey, residents cheer on their teams, no matter how tough times get.

New York State is not at the level of the southeast and Texas for college sports, but there are plenty of towns that fly under the radar when it comes to collegiate sports.

As for professional sports, that's well-known in this state. New York sports fans are passionate, but also, hold their teams accountable -- both in the media and with fanbases.

Sometimes that passion can go overboard and with the advent of social media, fans have a voice to say what's on their mind to anyone at any given moment.

Growing up in Western New York, it was taught at an early age to love the Bills and Sabres, and dislike teams like the Patriots, Dolphins, Senators, Flyers and Maple Leafs.

But where does Buffalo fall on a list like this? Which fanbases are the best in New York?

Here are the top five fanbases in New York State.

5 Best Fanbases In New York State

The best fanbases in New York State.

Daniel Briere

Buffalo Sabres - 2002-2006

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