There is just something about springtime in Buffalo that makes us want to head out and grab some ice cream. Buffalo does many things well, but when it comes to food and sweets we do it especially well and, while wings are at the top of the list, ice cream isn't too far down the list of Buffalo's greatest treats.

There are all sorts of great ice cream spots that are sprinkled all throughout Western New York. From the Northtowns to the Southtowns to the City, you are almost guaranteed to find a great cone or sundae just about anywhere you go.

One of the best parts of living in North Buffalo is that there are all sorts of ice cream options within walking distance of my house. All I need to do is walk out my door and within a few steps, there is a strawberry sundae with peanuts in my hand.

Here are some of the best Ice Cream Spots in North Buffalo:

Hanna's Frosty Treats

This is one of the places that I literally waited in line for them to open and it was sure worth the wait.

Dairy Queen

There is one thing that you can almost ways be guaranteed to see and that's a group of people standing outside of their local Dairy Queen waiting to grab a cone.

Anderson's Frozen Custard

Have you ever had a roast beef sandwich that you then washed down with a small cup of strawberry ice cream? If not, then you need to give it a try.

Churn Soft Serve

If roast beef and ice cream aren't your thing, then how about tacos and ice cream?

Lake Effect Ice Cream

My son plays baseball at Shoshone Park in North Buffalo and Lake Effect is almost always the first place we go after a practice and/or a game. If you stop by, make sure you try the Paula's Glazed Donut ice cream

Are there any ice cream spots in North Buffalo that we missed?

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