It has not been an easy season if you are a Buffalo Sabres fan, that is unless you have been betting against them. Now my grandfather always said: "Bet with your head, not with your heart." So taking his words seriously and sticking by that gambling mantra, will be really hard, even unimaginable for true die-hard Sabres fans to even think about betting on the Sabres to lose. But what if you could be a lot richer for doing it!

This came along my feed on TWITTER and I wanted to share because it is not only fascinating but unbelievable. According to @AndyProvin who ran the numbers and did the math. If you started with $100.00 and bet the Sabres to lose way back on February 25 and continued to roll your winnings for them to lose the next game and so on, to date you would have accumulated over $74,000.

On Feb 25 if you bet $100 on the NJ Devils at -120 to beat the Sabres then 2 days later took that $183.33 and bet the Flyers at -170 then continued to bet each Sabres opponent all the way to today, you would currently have $74,961

— Andy Provin (@AndyProvin) March 27, 2021

AMAZING right? Well nobody can go back in time and Buffalo will eventually win a game right?  Who knows but there are still 23 games left as of this article the Sabres already lost 17 in a row and the NHL's league record is 30 loses in a row thanks to the Winnipeg Jets. So, YES,  I'm saying there is a chance!


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