Buffalo truly wants to take up the mantle of "HOCKEY TOWN" one problem, we need a hockey team to support the claim!

Add whatever adjective you would like to describe the Buffalo Sabres season. Disappointing, upsetting, frustrating, pathetic? No doubt, Buffalo Sabres fans are feeling all of it. With the high fans got from the Buffalo Bills it is hard to imagine feeling so low over the Buffalo Sabres. I mean from a simplistic perspective it’s the same ownership and same fan base so what the puck is going on?

According to PRO HOCKEY TALK/NBC SPORTS, 2014-15 was the last time the Buffalo Sabres had such an abysmal season.

Here is some of what was happening the last time the Sabres season sucked!

  • “Snowvember” dumped over 5 plus feet of snow throughout the Western New York Region.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge craze dumped on the masses.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy premiered. The Sabres had a better chance to see Star-Lord than Lord Stanley’s Cup.
  • Allegedly, Kim Kardashian’s APP was making $700,000 a day. Putting it in perspective, that year the NHL had a rule that no player could make over 13 million dollars.
  • Apple i Tunes tried to turn everyone on to U2’s latest album "Songs of Innocence"…and some people were turned off.

Well, as per usual it can always be worse. As per PRO HOCKEY TALK/NBC SPORTS take a look at the list of longest winless streaks of all time.

Winnipeg Jets: 30 Games, 1980-81
Kansas City Scouts: 27 Games, 1975-76
Washington Capitals: 25 Games, 1975-76
New York Rangers: 21, Games, 1943-44
Chicago Blackhawks: 21 Games, 1950-51
Ottawa Senators: 21 Games, 1992-93

Now I know, thirty-game losing streak seems unachievable but hey, this team is full of surprises, good, bad, and ugly.


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