As the Buffalo Bills season looks bleak, and a scathing report comes out about their head coach, many are proposing the unthinkable: Bill Belichick as the next Bills' coach.

Yesterday, Tyler Dunne of "Go Long" released a 3 part story about Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott. It was not encouraging to most Bills fans, as it portrayed a coach who is stubborn, tight, egotistical, and points the fingers at everyone else for his failures. To read more about this, CLICK HERE.

On top of that, the Bills are not in a good position to make the playoffs. This is while they are supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. It's not over, but not the best odds. With 5 games to go, if they win them all it's likely they will make the playoffs with an over 90% chance. However, their current playoff odds sit at only 15%, and losing any game moving forward drastically hurts their chances. Plus, they do not have an easy schedule with Kansas City this Sunday and Dallas next week.

If the team misses the playoffs, it's more than likely the team will fire McDermott. While he did end the playoff drought and bring stability to the franchise, it's all about results. Plus, this report by Dunne is truly a bad sign for the coach.

So who COULD be the next coach of the Bills, assuming the worst? We've already examined Frank Reich as the next Bills head coach, CLICK HERE to read that. One NFL personality has an interesting, albeit controversial take on it.

Could Bill Belichick be Headed for Buffalo, New York?

Devin McCourty played 13 seasons with the Patriots and Belichick joined the Gred Hill Show in Boston and talked about the coach joining the Bills.

On Bill Belichick coaching Buffalo if he gets fired from New England:

“Buffalo I do like. I don’t think Sean McDermott is lasting after this year... I think a Buffalo or a Chargers... Those are two teams that, when you look at it, they have all of the pieces that it takes. I think any owner who’s been in the league, you’ve lost to this guy over and over and over again. Like, you’re not going to magically think he no longer knows what he’s doing.

Bill Belichick and Bills Mafia

The name makes many Bills fans gag, shiver, or get violently angry. This is a coach who dominated the Bills for 2 decades winning 7 Super Bowls along the way. He was caught cheating to win, multiple times. His Quarterback during that stretch was Tom Brady: another name that irks Bills fans to the core. He's also a massive grump during press conferences who often makes awkward situations.

That's the negative.

On the positive, let's not diminish the reality. This is perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history. Certainly, he is the most successful with, again, 7 Super Bowls. Yes, he had Tom Brady, but Brady wasn't exactly a highly touted QB coming out of college, thus the reason he was a 6th Round Draft Pick by the Patriots and Belichick. Under Bill, he became the greatest quarterback of all time and of course, Belichick gets credit for that. He's a defensive mastermind who tends to get the most out of his players. At least, historically he has. Lately not so much.

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Bill Belichick Lately

The Patriots have not done well since Brady left. His team, especially offensively, has struggled. He has made poor draft choices and free-agent signings as the dual coach and GM of the team. He has also made poor assistant coaching choices. New England isn't what it once was, and Belichick is no longer considered a genius.

Still, most around the NFL consider him in high regard, and would probably see him moving to another team with a good quarterback as a massive addition to an organization. An organization like the Buffalo Bills.

Do Buffalo Bills Fans Want Bill Belichick As Their Next Coach?


No, they do not.

We put the question up on Facebook on 2 of our radio stations: 92.9 WBUF and 106.5 WYRK which regularly like to talk Bills football with us. Thye OVERWHELMINGLY said NO. As seen below:

Here's WBUF:

Here's WYRK:

Some people of course said yes, but the overwhelming majority said absolutely not.

Still many on Twitter/X are beginning to speculate. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Comment above with your thoughts!

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