The AFC divisional playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs will be remembered as one of if not the greatest games ever played. Now relive it, 8-bit Nintendo Style.

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The final minute of the game was crazy. Lead change after lead change. With 13 seconds left the BIlls took the lead, and it looked like the Chiefs were done. Yet somehow they managed to get a game-tying field goal, win the overtime coin toss, march down the field and win the game. The overtime rules in the NFL are now being discussed as many people wish the Bills and QB Josh Allen would have had a least a chance to get the ball back.

For Bills Mafia, it was absolutely heartbreaking. For Chiefs Kingdom, it was pure magic.

A really fun throwback thing some creators do is re-enact famous sports moments in old video games, especially with the beloved Tecmo Super Bowl. The game came out in 1991 and had kids, and adults, playing for hours. After all, it was the first game to have all the teams and players in it (well, except a few, like Jim Kelly), and was fun to play.

The game is so loved that some people have cracked it to make current rosters! It's a lot of fun to see. One of the creators that does a lot of Tecmo re-enactments is He's done a bunch of famous NFL games but most recently he re-enacted the final minute of the Bills and Chiefs. It's really cool and fun to watch. Check out all of his stuff here: and watch his video below!

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