Bills Mafia is upset on Twitter today, and It's not because the team lost a game.  It's not because a star player signed with another team.  It's not because Tom Brady un-retired.  It's because of a logo.

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If you happened to be on Twitter today and went to use the hashtag #BillsMafia, you may have noticed something was missing.  Twitter decided to remove the little red, white and blue Buffalo Bills logo that had been following the hashtag since the beginning of the season.  And #BillsMafia is none too pleased.

The Charging Buffalo that has been attached at the hip to the hashtag has ridden off into the sunset for the time being, but no one can seem to understand why.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why Twitter took the logo away.  We can only hope that it comes back at the start of next season.

The hashtag first came into use on Twitter way back in 2007.  Sometime along the way, they started adding little logos after the hashtag. According to,

brands can design custom emojis that are triggered when a specific Branded Hashtag is used.

So, maybe this means it's the Buffalo Bills themselves that pulled the logo from the hashtag?  It is the team after all that now owns the trademark on the term "Bills Mafia" as they purchased it back in 2017.

Whoever owns it, the #BillsMafia wants their logo back on Twitter.  So much so, that some users are asking for petitions to be started.

We have to admit, we too miss the little guy on all of the #BillsMafia tweets.  Until we meet again Lil' Bills logo.

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