Admit it - how many of us have googled ourselves or typed our name into social media to check out our “name twins?” We’ll snoop in their profiles to see where they live, what they do for a living, and if they remotely look like us. It’s a fun (and kind of creepy) look into what our life could have been like in another dimension. 

This week on the 3rd hour of the TODAY Show, anchors Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Craig Melvin were introduced by producers to their “name twins,” inviting them on the show to learn about their lives and what they do.

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As it turns out, Craig Melvin’s namesake lives right here in Western New York, and also has an amazing job with one of our favorite teams. 

During a segment on Wednesday morning’s TODAY Show, longtime host Craig Melvin met professional photographer Craig Melvin from Olean, New York - where it was revealed he works shooting sporting events all over the country - specifically Buffalo Bills games.

“Oh my God, I LOVE the Bills! I love Josh Allen!” exclaimed the enamored TV host Melvin when he found out what his “name twin” did for a living. 


Photographer Melvin realized he shared his name with the TODAY Show host from Buffalo Bills equipment manager Jeffrey Mazurek, who told him, “You’re all over television.” Since then, he admitted that every time he hears his name on the morning news show, it gives him a jolt. 

Melvin also spends his time shooting events for the WWE and working as a photojournalism professor at St. Bonaventure University.

“You might ask, ‘How do I balance all of this?’,” the Western New Yorker said during a prerecorded video montage. “Well…with very little sleep.”

Just like you keep your eye out for great action shots, we’ll be keeping our eye out for you this season at Highmark Stadium, Craig!

Watch our local Craig Melvin meet his famous namesake here

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