As the NFL teams across the country are beginning to kick off their training camps, there is much speculation in every football city about how their teams will perform this year.

This is often more so true in towns where there are serious NFL rivalries.

Especially in cities like Buffalo and Miami, where the has been a rivalry between the Dolphins and the Bills for nearly 50 years.

With that excitement, it seems that some folks are already calling for the Buffalo Bills to lose against the Miami Dolphins.

NBC Sports NFL Analyst, and former NFL Quarterback, Chris Simms, put a poll on Twitter about who would win in a Super Brawl, a hypothetical championship fight in the ring between Josh Allen and Sean McDermott, versus Miami's Tua Tagovailoa and Mike McDaniel.

That poll represents the championship match in Ahmed Fareed's Super Brawl Battle Royal which pitted the starting QB and Head Coach from every NFL team against each other in a bracket-style series of matches.

In the final poll, more than 25,000 people responded and it appears that a majority of the people who have voted believe that Buffalo would lose this super brawl.

I don't know how people are coming up with that result. Just look at the tale of the tape:

  • Josh Allen is 6'5 and weighs approx. 237lbs, with 33 1/4in arms,
  • while Tua Tagovailoa is only 6'1 and weighs approx. 217lbs. with 30 1/2 arms.

Allen would break poor Tua in half.

Plus, we smash through tables in bulk in Buffalo.

Let's be honest, the Buffalo Bills would beat the Miami Dolphins in a fictitious battle royal and are going to beat them in both games they play this year.

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