We told you it was the Wild West in the NFL right now.  With the flurry of action in free agency over the last couple of weeks, the pre-draft speculation, and the blockbuster trades.

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And just now, news broke that the Chiefs are trading All-Pro Wide Reciever Tyreek Hill to the AFC East.  More specifically the Miami Dolphins.

Had Hill not been shipped to the Dolphins, the Bills should have considered swapping All-Pro Wide Reciever Stefon Diggs, for the All-Pro Wide Reciever of the Bills' biggest AFC rival at the moment, Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs.

It seems like a crazy scenario, but here is why it should have been considered.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Hill was given permission to seek a trade from the Chiefs, as the two remained far apart on the massive contract extension that he is due.

Note that Schefter tweeted that the Bills AFC East rivals, the Jets, and the Dolphins were in the mix for Hill.  So that right there is the first reason the Bills should have considered pulling the trigger on this Blockbuster.

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I know, I know, you are all saying right now, 'How could we trade Diggs, he's such a HUGE part of the team and the community".  A valid point, but there are signs that there is trouble brewing in paradise.

After a Viking fan Tweeted that Diggs would be getting paid soon, Diggs responded with a "Thinking Face" emoji.  This was in response to comments from GM Brandon Bean saying that a Diggs contract extension wasn't at the forefront for the team as he is under contract for two more years.

Then, Diggs took a machete to his Instagram account deleting all of his previous posts there.

Then just this afternoon, Diggs tweeted out the following in response to the Hill trade rumors

The two have put up similar numbers in their careers:

Hill - 479 receptions, 6630 yards, 56 TDs / 93 carriers, 719 yards, 6 TDs

Diggs - 595 receptions, 7383 yards, 48 TDs / 30 carries, 160 yards, 0 TDs

It would have been a swap of two of the premier wide receivers in the game.  Both players would have eventually gotten the huge contracts they wanted.  And, it would have kept Hill off the roster of one of the Bills' AFC East Rivals.

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