So the Buffalo Bills find themselves at 4-2 after two very disappointing losses. But I am not here to focus on the negatives, I am here to focus on the positives. The Bills have a bye week and they will be back on the field on Sunday, October 31st  to face the Miami Dolphins, an AFC rival who is currently in last place in the division at 1-5.

Now the dilemma this week is to what to do? I mean we did enjoy two prime-time games, so we are used to keeping ourselves occupied until kick-off. But this week is different. THERE IS NO GAME but do not fret, I have you covered on what to do in no particular order or preference.

COOK A NICE MEAL: Whether you live alone or with others cook a homemade meal. Either a recipe that you have already mastered or if you want to live on the edge and try something new. But it's not about just cooking. Go shop, take your time, set the dinner table with silverware and actual napkins, maybe even a table cloth if you are feeling inspired.

TAKE A HIKE: Okay not literally but get outside and walk. In your neighborhood, a park, or someplace else. Enjoy the day and experience the last few days of warmer weather before Old Man Winter decides to invite himself to the party.

READ A BOOK: You can actually read a paper book or order an audiobook. The day is about not doing anything that is football-related and you may just enjoy the sense of accomplishment of reading a book.

VISIT FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Visit the people you normally do not get to see throughout the week. Life is short, if you are thinking of someone, contact them and invite them out without the distraction of a game going off.

CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER: Drawers, closets, garage, basement, shed, we all have crap that clutters our lives. Make a plan and Feng Shui your abode. It will enlighten your mind and mood.

DO NOTHING: Yep, that's it, do nothing, nada, zilch. Take a 'you' day.


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