Josh Allen and Jordan Philips got into it again... sort of.

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It's pretty standard to see Buffalo Bills news trending across the internet these days. This team is a favorite to win the Super Bowl, has the favorite to win the league MVP In Josh Allen, and has what most experts believe to have the best overall roster in football. There is a lot of attention, to say the least, on this football team. When ANYTHING happens it gets a lot of talk.

That in includes when QB Josh Allen and Defensive lineman  Jordan Phillips got into a little fight, which you can watch by CLICKING HERE.

It's rare to see a QB pick a fight with a D-lineman. Then again, Josh is a monster of a human being that most players on defense are not excited to try and tackle.

Fast forward a day and once again the two went at it, this time involving Stefon Diggs and Micah Hyde. By went at it again, though, we don't mean literally. Instead, they clearly are already over the scuffle as they had a play "fight" at practice today.

Something people forget is these men are trained to hit each other. A scuffle doesn't really last in their minds. It's just players competing. At the end of the day they are all teammates and, clearly, that's the situation for the Bills.

You gotta love the running headbutt there by the way LOL.

It is a lot of fun though to mess around with this stuff. Love what BuffaClothes put together as a response to this.

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