Now that the New York State Eviction Moratium has expired, the need for rental assistance in the City of Buffalo is so large that officials from the local government have chosen to extend a rental assistance program that was created to help those negatively impacted by Coronavirus.

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Approximately a year ago in February 2021, officials from the City of Buffalo announced that it was coming out with the new STAND-Up Buffalo Program, which stands for the Small Business, Tenants and Neighborhood Development Underwriting Program and was designed to help renters, homeowners, landlords, small businesses, and others who had been struggling financially due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

The program originally ran from February 2021 to June 2021 but was paused by the city to allow people the opportunity to access financial assistance that had come into buffalo from State and Federal partners. Once those programs started to wind down, the STAND-Up Buffalo program was relaunched.

When the program was relaunched last month, officials only expected it to last for the month of January 2022. However, as the need for help continues to grow, officials announced at the end of last week to extend the program and continue to offer rental assistance.

I had the chance to speak to a representative from one of the partner organizations over the weekend and they are looking forward to being able to continue providing assistance to those who are most in need in Buffalo.

We're extremely encouraged that this program is being extended to help our neighbors in need throughout the City of Buffalo. COVID-19 continues to cause so many challenges for so many, anything that we can do is sure to help.
-Beverly Moore, Coordinator of Housing and Community Development for the Buffalo Urban League

City of Buffalo residents can receive up to 6 months of assistance for past due rent and contact 211, 311, the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency, or via one of the partner agencies to apply. There is a process to find out what you qualify for, so when you contact these agencies they will ask a series of intake questions to see what you are eligible for, from there you would be directed to the appropriate place for assistance.

You can find more information about this program here on the City of Buffalo website. Officials did not mention how long the program would be extended, but since assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis, it would seem you'd want to apply as soon as possible.

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