This guy was bluntly honest about how he was dealing with the snow during Buffalo's historic storm.

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Parts of the Western New York region received up to 80 inches of snow this past weekend. WHie BUfflao certainly knows how to deal with snow and has seen a lot of it over the years, that's A LOT more than usual. Still, the City of Good Neighbors has each other's backs. It may be inconvenient and backbreaking to shovel, but we manage just fine.

Many people in Buffalo and WNY remember former Mayor Jimmy Griffin's advice during big snow storms: grab a 6 pack (of beer) and wait it out. We still follow that motto and sure enough, plenty of beer was consumed during this storm.

One man, though, seems to have had some issues with that, and other things, during the storm.  His answer to how it's going is bluntly honest and HILARIOUS. He told Spectrum News this:

At least he took personal responsibility for it (LOL). Anyway cheers to this guy. We hope he finds his beer and, other things, responsibly.

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Historic Snow Storm Hits Buffalo

A historic snowstorm slammed into Western New York on Friday and continues to bring snow to all areas across the region.

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