A Twitter account takes stories from the Buffalo News and adds "your mom" to them.

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It's sophomoric. It's stupid. It's completely unprofessional and it's not to be taken seriously by anyone. That's why it's hilarious. There are tons of parody accounts on Twitter for all sorts of things. From people's body parts to the extreme opposite of what they actually are. This person (or people?) adds one simple thing to an innocent, professional news headline:

Your mom.

The Twitter user is @bnYourMom.

Why do they do this? Because it's funny. Or, at least, to their over 1,600 followers it's funny. It's straight out of the 90s classless junk humor and we're here for it. Who doesn't remember the Yo Momma jokes from back in the day? Admit it, they were funny. Inappropriate but funny.

Recently, the show "Letterkenny" has brought this back a bit with the character "Shoresy." We're not going to post the zingers from that show here because, well, they massively rated R LOL.

This account is also a bit raunchy at times, so if you're easily offended it's not for you. Ultimately, it is just acting like a dumb teenager. Some things in life are just taken too seriously. Honestly, all things these days are taken WAY too seriously, and this local (we assume) Twitter account is the exact opposite of that, and I appreciate that.

Nothing against the Buffalo News by the way. A lot of good, hard-working journalists over there keeping it local and we appreciate that about them, sincerely. You can't convince me though that they don't get a chuckle out of this. Or, at least, some of them do anyway.

Who runs this account? no idea. Maybe it's a current Buffalo news Employee on the down-low. Maybe it's a former one who is disgruntled. It's probably someone in the radio to be honest because most of us are all dumb teens at heart. It's not anyone on this station. I don't think, anyway. It's not me though I wish. Whoever it is, or they are, I applaud you for making me laugh on the daily.

Here are 10 of my recent favorite @bnYourMom tweets.

Enjoy but again WARNING these are MATURE CONTENT:

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