The Buffalo Sabres lost to the Florida Panther 3-2 in a game where officials stole the show, and not for good reasons.

Just after reaching .500 for the first time in, well, a while for the struggling Sabres, they dropped a game below again. Their playoff chances are all but dead as the longest active playoff drought in all of pro sports looks to extend to 13 straight seasons. Buffalo fans are naturally frustrated, and so is Sabres head coach Don Granto after last night's officiating.

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Officiating has been a problem around the NHL as the Sabres aren't the only team and fan base with a lot of complaints. Last night was a prime example as, according to Granto and anyone with eyes, there were a plethora of missed and horrible calls. One particular penalty, against rookie Zach Benson, takes the cake as one of the worst calls you'll see against anyone or any team.

NHL Officials Call Stupid Penalty Against The Buffalo Sabres

Benson is skating into the Florida zone against a Panther's defenseman, who clearly grabs and throws Benson to the ice. Somehow, and it baffles anyone who can operate the most basic of brain cells, Benson got a holding penalty. Watch:

This, as well as several other missed calls, eventually led to a breaking point with Buffalo Sabres head coach Don Granto. Later in the game, with the Sabres down 2-1, Benson received a tripping penalty on this play.

Though this probably was a trip, it added up and caused Granto to LOSE IT on the officials, giving him a bench minor unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which led to a 5 on 3 powerplay for Frolida. They scored, and the Sabres lost.

Granto spoke about his reaction and thoughts on the refs after the game.

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Regardless, it doesn't change the fact many Sabres fans want a change in coach as the team continues to find ways to lose. Do you agree with Don?

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