Recently, the Bills latest addition to the team and an 11-year NFL veteran wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has brought some well-deserved attention to the one thing that can make or break the perfect wing experience. BLUE CHEESE!

Sure people will argue, “It’s all about the wing sauce or wing rub!”

To them, I say, “Not necessarily.”

Batman had Robin. Peanut butter has Jelly. Jack Daniels has Coca-Cola. Sure, any one of the things mentioned is great on its own. But put them together and you have something extraordinary. That extra something to make a great culinary experience even greater.

And that is blue cheese. The major player in making great wings even greater.

As far as I can remember, my first real experience with homemade blue cheese was through ROOTIE’S BLUE CHEESE.

Rootie’s was a bar in Getzville and although they did not invent the wing, they perfected the great side dip that can be purchased today ROOTIE’S BLUE CHEESE.

So who has the best homemade blue cheese in Buffalo?

I’m not here to judge, just to taste. But if you want to do the research yourself? May I suggest the following hang-outs?

Casa Di Pizza: Washington and East Mohawk, Buffalo. Try the blue cheese inspired by Chef Shookie’s grandmother.

Daddio’s Pizza: Hertel Avenue in Buffalo. I have a friend who goes there just for the cheese.

Sideline’s Sports Bar and Grill: Delaware Ave. near Chippewa. Not only is their blue cheese homemade, but they also have homemade queso for their nachos.

Anchor Bar: On Main Street, Buffalo. What would you expect from the originator of the wing?

Duff’s: On Sheridan Drive, Amherst. In the constant struggle for the best wings, the blue cheese will have its day.

Now, I know there are so many more in this area. So if you have a favorite bar where the blue cheese dominates let us know about it.




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