One thing Cam Newton doesn't lack is confidence. He told Yahoo Sports that he considers himself an entertainer-slash-icon. Notice he didn't say football player. That's the thing about college football players, sometimes their dominating skills don't translate to the NFL level.

Look at Tim Tebow, who is said to have a hitch in his delivery and spent most of the season on the bench for the Broncos. The last QB taken from Auburn in the first round was Jason Campbell, a first-round bust. And with Ryan Fitzpatrick playing at a high level last year do the Bills even need a Quarterback? ESPN's Trent Dilfer thinks Newton is the perfect fit for the Bills and Fitzpatrick would help him.

Chan Gailey will make his intentions known  to the superstar prospect today. That's the plan for the 30 prospects that the team is allowed to meet with over the next couple of weeks before the NFL draft. Many fans think the Bills should focus on defense and grab a player like A&M Linebacker Von Miller, but the club maintains that if they can find the future of the franchise now you can't pass it up. Last year's defense was horrific, ranking at the bottom of the league. They wouldn't have been able to stop Auburn or the University at Buffalo let alone a professional team. What do you think? Should the Bills draft Newton (or the other big QB Blaine Gabbert) or go Defense?

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