The NFL Draft begins tonight at 8 pm with the Bills "earning" the third overall pick. All eyes are on who it will be. Cam Newton? Von Miller? Blaine Gabbert? It's anyone's guess, but it will prove to be a pivotal decision in rebuilding the franchise.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick playing well last year, the Bills might pass up on a marquee Quarterback early and pick one in the later rounds. Instead they may focus on defense,finishing last in the league, the defensive line was in shambles and players ran wild into the Bills secondary. Nick Fairley was the best defensive player in the draft, but some rankings have him dropping out of the Top 10. That's why some experts have the Bills taking Von Miller . Plus his name sounds like Van Miller, which can't be a bad thing.

With free agency and injury depleting the defensive secondary, a cornerback would be a good pick, but there should be plenty available in later rounds. But if they do draft a cornerback, it better be Prince Amukamara (after all the Royal Wedding is coming up and he could be called the cornerback formerly known as Prince). Or the Bills could trade down and get extra picks to help feed the many needs the team has. Who else could the Bills pick? See the Top 10 prospects in this photo gallery and make your voice heard in the comment section.

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