According to a New York State Thruway Authority spokesperson, "We urge customers who have questions or traveled through a cashless facility and claim they have not received a bill to contact us immediately. State law requires motorists to update their addresses with DMV to ensure toll bills are mailed to the proper location."

This guy got a bill in he mail for $306, when he didn't pay his $1 bill for cashless tolls.

But, he never got the bill for $1 and he didn't move or change addresses.

They had no trouble finding my address when a law firm wanted to charge me $306 for crossing the Grand Island bridge, but when I owed them a dollar they couldn't find me," he said.

The Thruway Authority determined that Lindal did everything correct, but for some reason the post office never forwarded the bill to his new address. As a result he will only have to pay $6.

Kudos to channel 2 who stepped in and got to the bottom of it and now, the guy is off the hook for $306.

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