If you have had to fill your car up over the last week, there is a good chance that you noticed a slight dip in the price you are paying at the pump.  Gas prices have skyrocketed across Western New York in 2022, and it has put a beating on our wallets, to say the least.

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Across the country, the national average cost of a gallon of gas actually dropped by .07 cents a gallon according to AAA, down to $4.27 for regular unleaded.  But, prices are still substantially up from the $3.53 a gallon national average that we saw in February.

Here in New York State, prices also saw a dip over the last 7 days, as a gallon of regular unleaded gas, is down to $4.35.

Credit - AAA

The good news here on a local level is that things are down a bit from the all-time high for a gallon of regular unleaded was recorded on March 11th, at $4.40 a gallon.

Credit - AAA

But still, we are still watching our wallets when it comes to filling up.  I put 3/4 of a tank in my car this morning, and it came to $47.00.  With that said, we are all still on the hunt for the cheapest gas around, and today we take a look at the Southtowns.

Here are the 15 cheapest stations in the Southtowns:

The price listed is for regular grade gas unless noted.

Signals - 11024 Southwestern Boulevard, Irving - $3.97/Gallon

Catt-Rez Enterprises Inc - 10910 Erie Road, Irving - $3.97/Gallon

Wolf's Run -- 12795 Four Mile Level Road, Irving - $3.97/Gallon

Sunoco - Erie Road, Derby - $4.09/Gallon

Twin Pines Auto Care - 14415 4 Mile Level Road, Gowanda - $4.15/Gallon

Seneca One Stop - 180 Perry Street, Buffalo - $4.19/Gallon

Delta Sonic - 2285 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga - $4.24/Gallon

Citgo - 580 Dick Road, Depew - $4.25/Gallon

BJ's - 4366 Milestrip Rd, Blasdell - $4.27/Gallon

First Line - 1543 Niagara Street, Buffalo - $4/29/Gallon

Gulf - 2437 Harlem Road, Cheektowaga - $4.29/Gallon

Gas Plus Express - 3287 South Park Avenue, Buffalo - $4.29/Gallon

Speedway - 3105 William Street, Cheektowaga - $4.29/Gallon

Speedway - 2700 Union Road, Cheektowaga - $4.29/Gallon

Sunoco - 3502 Clinton Street, West Seneca - $4.29/Gallon

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