I stopped yesterday to fill up my car after my first round of golf of the year and had to do a double-take. The price at the pump had gone up .15 cents from the last time I filled up earlier this week.

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The price at the pump is on the rise here in Western New York, and across the country once again.  According to the most recent data released by AAA, the price of a regular gallon of gas has risen by .11 a gallon in New York State since last Monday.

Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida have also seen big increases as well, but Deleware is leading the charge with a .20 per gallon increase over the last week.

What's the reason behind the recent jump?  AAA says that the cost of gas is going to keep increasing as oil prices hover around the $100 per barrel mark.  The cost of crude oil fluctuating up and down, and the limited supply of it are the main culprits behind the recent jump in price at the pump.

Credit - AAA
Credit - AAA

The good news is, is that there is some relief in sight. Niagara County announced last week that they will cap the tax on gas at $3 starting on June 1st. Erie County Executive Mark Polancarz has also said that a resolution is being sent to the Erie County Legislature to temporarily cap the county's sales tax on gas at $2 per gallon, also starting on June 1st.

The current price of $4.22 a gallon is still a bit short of the all-time high of $4.46 a gallon recorded in New York back on March 10th of this year.

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