Happy Cinco de Mayo! I may not have Spanish roots but I do love this holiday! Don’t just sit around today! Get out and celebrate that spring is here and it’s May!

Tonight as some of you may know we will be able to see the full moon. The even sweeter part about this full moon is the fact it’s a Super Moon! I’m not a scientist and I might be not be able to tell you all the technical terms but as I understand it is the Moon is extra close to the earth so that means the moon will look extra-large tonight. You should be able to see the moon at 11:35p tonight so set your alarm clocks and make sure you get out and check out the “Super Moon”!
A great place for you to see the Full Moon AND have some fun on your Cinco de Mayo is at the Tifft Nature Preserve. Starting tonight at 8pm is their Cinco de May Full Moon Stroll. May’s Full Flower moon will give Tifft’s trails a sweet looking glow tonight and along with the warm spring air we have tonight it’s the perfect time to check out Tifft! Stroll along their trails tonight and check out spring in full swing. Seriously night time at the Tifft Nature Preserve is a pretty cool! It is an adult only celebration tonight so leave the kids at home with the babysitter and head out to the Tifft Nature Preserve for their Cinco de May Full Moon Stroll!
Then tomorrow make some time to do some bird watching at the Penn Dixie Site in Hamburg. Starting at 9m they will lead a Spring Bird walk to view some of the 143 nesting and migratory birds that have been identified at the site. You never know either you might get the chance to find a new type of bird at the Site! If you would like to bring along your binoculars and make sure you dress for the weather. All are welcomed to attend and the event happens rain or shine tomorrow. It’s the Penn Dixie Spring Bird Walk in Hamburg starting at 9am.

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