The Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs will square off in Game 1 of the World Series tonight (Oct. 25). As a result of the increased awareness surrounding both teams, Billboard dug up a rap song that Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer made back in 2013.

Hopefully, "Gutter to the Grail" is the first and last song Trevor Bauer made. Unlike Portland Trailblazers point guard Damian Lillard, Bauer is not very adept when it comes to flow. And who knows where he got the beat, which sounds incredibly dated, even for 2013.

Trevor Bauer has already been in the headlines of the MLB playoff coverage for a bizarre reason. The pitcher injured himself while using a drone, which caused him to a miss a start.

"So I plugged it in, like I've done thousands and thousands of times, and for whatever reason it was sitting like this, I was plugging the battery in and my finger happened to be right here, and for whatever reason these three propellers didn't spin like they were supposed to and this one spun up at max throttle," he explained at a recent news conference. It never happened to me before. I have no idea why it happened. And my finger just happened to be in the way of the prop and it cut me."

It would be best if Trevor Bauer sticks to pitching. It is time to leave the rapping and drone flying to the professionals.

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