Western New York is a sprawling area home to over a million people. As any community has, there are major veins that run from town to town, as well as in and out of the city of Buffalo. Some of these are well-thought-out and well-kept. As far as which ones those are, we're not sure but that's what officials will tell you and we're sure they are right.

The Major Roads in WNY

Some of the most well-known and well-traveled roads in WNY are Transit Road, Niagara Falls Blvd., Walden Ave., Delaware Rd., Elmwood Ave., Union Rd., and Main Street in East Aurora to name only a handful. There are certainly more roads that could be listed here and we imagine you'll tell us about it.

The Quirks of WNY Roads

The one thing most roads in WNY have in common is they all have potholes. It's simply amazing how often they develop and how hard it seems to be to fill them in a timely fashion, especially in the City of Buffalo. There's actually someone going around filling them on their own for fun, and creatively. Known as "The Pothole Bandit" on social media, this person or people have a lot of fun filling in potholes. More about them, CLICK HERE.

Another quirk of  WNY roads is the roundabouts, or traffic circles. Whatever you want to call them. Some love them, some hate them, and many do not understand how to drive in them.

There are also some streets, like Niagara Street in Buffalo and soon to be more, that have been given defined bicycle lanes, which is strange to people who don't live in a city.

This Perfectly Describes Major Road in Western New York

Shovel Buffalo

As someone who lives off Colvin and regularly drives on it, I can not think of a better description of how this road works. There literally are no left turn signals and it desperately needs it. NO ONE drives the speed limit on it. There really should be no street parking yet there is. There's really nothing to define the lanes, either. This is a residential street too, with mostly houses on it. Honestly, it's an awful road but a main vein to so many things... like where people live.

Nice job to whoever runs this account. Could not have said it any better myself.

Colvin can also get some monster potholes, but is it one of the worst roads for potholes in WNY? Here are the 10 worst...

10 Western New York Towns With The Worst Potholes

These towns are the absolute worst when it comes to potholes around Western New York.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Canva Image

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