The Buffalo Bills are almost through training camp and there's just one preseason game remaining, which is this Saturday at 1 pm against the Green Bay Packers at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.

The team has done a fairly good job at staying healthy, but COVID-19 concerns are still on the team's mind, and on Tuesday morning, two players were sent home from the Bills training facilities after being a close contact with a trainer who tested positive for COVID.

According to a report from Giant beat reporter Pat Leonard, both Cole Beasley and Gabriel Davis were sent home from the team's facilities after being determined to being a close contact with a trainer who tested positive for COVID-19.

ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed the report from Leonard.

Both players' tests came back negative, according to Leonard. Schefter adds that Star Lotulelei was also sent home.

Per NFL guidelines, unvaccinated players and tier 1 staff must go through a five-day pre-entry process and then be tested every day. If a day is missed, they must start the five-day re-entry process again.

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Those who are vaccinated only have to be tested every 14 days. Unvaccinated players are required to be tested, daily.

This does confirm, based on guidelines that are being followed in the reports by Leonard and Schefter, that Beasley and Davis are unvaccinated and will not have to go through the process to re-enter the team's facility.

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton also has to go through the five-day re-entry process, which was because of a COVID-19 test "misunderstanding."

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