Ask just about anybody across the United States what Buffalo is famous for and they will tell you two things; the Buffalo Bills and chicken wings. I guess a special mention should go to our snow storms that happen here occasionally as well.

This weekend the chicken wings will be the featured highlight at Highmark Stadium the Home in Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park,NY.

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We spoke with Drew Cerza a.k.a. The Wing King with Clay and Company this week about this weekend's National Buffalo Wing Festival. Part of the events this weekend includes the welcoming of competitive eaters to the stage at Highmark Stadium. Yes there will be a chicken wing eating contest. But this year they were also be an enormous Buffalo themed buffet that will be presented to some of the professional eaters as well.

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The Wing King told us that the 5 pound Buffalo Buffet consists of beef on weck, pirogies, chicken fingers and pizza!

The buffet eating will happen on Saturday evening and the championship wing eating contest will take place on Sunday at Highmark Stadium

There are tickets still available for the event and parking is free! The weather looks pretty good to enjoy wings from all over the country and even a wing joint that is bringing in their wings from Mexico.

I enjoy eating and I enjoy eating lots of food but I’m not sure a 5 pound buffet is something that even I could finish in one sitting. However, I did win a cheeseburger eating contest one year on Fat Tuesday at the K&L Lanes in Gowanda. You probably have heard that story before but it is something that I am still proud of this day! Being able to completely eat nine cheeseburgers in a short amount of time and wash it down with a Genny Light or two will always be one of my favorite memories!

Good luck to all the eaters and enjoy the Wing Festival this weekend.

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