A year of the pandemic meant that Buffalo, the Dyngus Day capital of the world, missed Dyngus Day for the first time. The City of Good Neighbors will not have it canceled two times in a row, no way. This year, at the very least the parade will be back in the Broadway and Polish districts of Buffalo. Governor Cuomo said that starting today, up to 200 people would be allowed to gather at outdoor festivals. This year, festivities WILL happen the day after Easter, at least for the parade. According to Eddy Dobosiewicz, the president of Dyngus Day Buffalo, he said that each block of the parade will have a maximum amount of people watching.

To make the parade work, the number of people allowed in the parade would be cut in half compared to years past and blocks would be limited to 200 spectators each. “There's plenty of room here to spread people out and we will make sure to add here to any mandates that are dictated to us by the government", according to WKBW.

In order to get ready for the return of Dyngus Day and the final couple of Sundays of Lent, the owner of the Chrusciki Bakery and Sto Lat, inside the Eastern Hill Mall, Ania, joined us to make sure we know a few good useful phrases for Dyngus Day. After trying to pronounce them on the air, it is very clear that I need to take the next two weeks and practice these before Dyngus Day actually arrives.

5 Polish Words You Need To Know For Dyngus Day

Dzień dobry = Good Morning
Jak się masz = How Are You?
Ja cię kockam = I love you
Daj mi piwo = Give Me A Beer
Pierogi = obviously you know what this Polish goodness is

A couple of common bonus terms for you because everyone has certain names they call their grandpa and grandma:
Babcia = Grandma
Dziadzia Grandpa

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