Part two of remembering all the great concerts at The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium or Aud. This time we go into the 1980s.

Mention the concerts to anyone and the memories will be sure to follow. In this three-part series, we started in the 1970s. I was but a child then. It wasn't until the 1980s that I started venturing out with friends and family members.

And the concert experience when you first started going to shows was almost surreal. There you are, standing among a sea of people, with the waves of music crashing over you like you're standing in the surf. The vibration of the crowd somehow connected you to everyone else. And it was then that the music truly became part of your soul, the soundtrack of your life.

Here are the top five shows I got to experience at the Aud. I'd love to hear about your experiences. Hit us up on the WBUF Facebook page or send a message through the WBUF app.

How many shows in the 80s did you see at the Aud? (Here's a list compiled from Concert Archives of all the shows)

So let's dig out the denim jacket and head to Cavages to buy our tickets.

STYX July 17, 1983: I remember this, my first concert EVER, with my dad. I was 13 years old and really into "Mr. Roboto." We had floor seats and we stood on them for the entire show. I remember asking my dad "Why does it smell like a skunk in here?"

VAN HALEN/AUTOGRAPH March 22, 1984:  This was the first show I went to without parental guidance and it was almost my last. Before walking in I heard a loud SMASH. The 40-ounce bottle of beer my older friend was trying to sneak in slipped out of his pocket and I was mortified. Once inside, I was blown away even as I sat all the way in the orange section. The crowd was so amped for Van Halen that they wouldn't even let Autograph finish their set. The energy could have powered a small town. My life changed after this show.

MOTLEY CRUE August 2, 1987:  It's hard not to forget this one. Again, floor seats but my buddy at the time was able to "secure" a fourth-row seat. Upon passing me the ticket stub that four of five people already used I was singled out and almost kicked out. Lucky for me the security guard had a change of heart and let me stay. I was escorted back up and fumbled a pick thrown out by Nikki Sixx.

And then there was

BILLY SQUIRE/RATT September 8, 1984:  I was there to see Billy Squire seeing as he dominated MTV at the time but RATT blew me away. Two totally different vibes both musically and through their stage personas. RATT was a gritty Sunset Strip gang and Billy was an arena rocker from Massachusettes.

JUDAS PRIEST July 27, 1986: To this day one of the loudest concerts I have been to. The fillings in my mouth were vibrating and because the Aud was solid concrete it was a total sonic assault on my ears.

I hope to view this list brought back some great memories. Rock On.

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