The Buffalo Bills have made the playoffs the last two seasons, and three of the past four. It's starting to become normal around Western New York -- the Bills being legitimately good. It may be easy to forget though that once upon a time, the Bills missed the postseason for 17 consecutive years.

One of the better "drought teams" for the Bills was the 2014 squad. You remember them, right? That was Doug Marrone's last year as head coach in Buffalo and the year they had the best defense in the NFL.

Unfortunately, the offense was not great, however. They were good enough to keep every game close though; and most of the season were led by Kyle Orton at quarterback, who the Bills signed at the start of the season.

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Kyle Orton was back in the spotlight on Twitter yesterday. The reason was Tom Brady. Yes, Tom Brady.

The NFL on CBS showcased Brady's 602 touchdown passes by showing that it's more than double some of the TD pass totals of other "legends" at the position.

You know, your John Elway's, Joe Montana's, Steve Young's, Kurt Warner's, and...Kyle Orton?

I'm not sure how or why Orton made that list, but it sparked a lot of hilarious tweets on Twitter because of his inclusion.

Orton was a dependable journeyman NFL quarterback, who spent a decade in the NFL for the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills.

He's absolutely not a legend, however. I'm sure Orton is flattered at his inclusion in that tweet though.

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