To say that there was a lot going on during this past weekend is an understatement.

We are all disappointed that our beloved Buffalo Bills didn't make it to the big game. Even though our favorite team didn't take home the championship, at least one former Buffalo Bill can say he was the world champion.

According to, former Bills QB Doug Flutie was playing in a celebrity flag football game with WWE wrestler R-Truth. During the halftime break in Tampa, Flutie was able to take the WWE 24/7 Champion down and pin him to win the title. What's truly remarkable about Flutie's victory is that Flutie and R-Truth were teammates in the flag football game.

Credit: WWE via Youtube

The idea behind the WWE 24/7 Championship Title is simple, according to the WWE, anyone can challenge for the belt and the title can be defended at any place or anytime so long as there is a WWE referee present. Which explains how Doug Flutie was able to win the title on a beach in Tampa.

Flutie's reign as champion was pretty short as R-Truth won the title back a few minutes later at the end of their flag football game. That victory marks the 49th time that R-Truth was named the champion.

This isn't the only connection that the 24/7 Championship has to Buffalo. Buffalo native, and Tampa Bay tight end, Rob Gronkowski won the title at Wrestlemania 36 and held the title for 67 days.

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